The Loving & Intricate Process

My products are not made anywhere else.  They are not recipes I copy from other homeopathic companies, nor are they made from directions followed from Pinterest.  It is a process.  Odd process.  But a process that I have grown comfortable with.  Usually, I’ll  come across a product that I, or my son, could use a chemical-free version of; sending the idea to the “need to make” compartment of my mind, awaiting more stimulus.  Further down the road, during my constant research, I’ll find reference to a plant having medicinal actions that would be beneficial in that product I dreamed up months earlier.  Then will come the day that I need that product.  It is made in my mind, but that doesn’t help me physically.  I’ll suffer through having to use the chemical store-bought product, cringing every time I use it.  Thinking of the copious amount of chemicals seeping into my system (even worse, my sons).  Wondering if this moment will be the end game to the dice roll of living in a toxic world.  I’m sure I just felt a tumor grow in my brain.

Having just put myself through [insane amounts of] stress I sit down and make the product.  Incense lit & chillstep music humming, I start to sterilize my work station- aka my kitchen.  Typically I’ll have to empty the dishwasher, clean up breakfast, throw dinner in the crock pot, before I can even begin to spray down everything.  I gather my ingredients and sit down with a calculator to do the math for the recipe.  I wish it was as easy as just filling half the jar with herbs than filling to the top with vodka- but there are many flaws in that method.  Product potency is one of them.

You see, I use the very best.  Organic, non-GMO, full strength everything.  Why bother growing 80+ varieties of organic, non-GMO medicinal plants if I am just going to dump GMO corn vodka on it?  Or processed beeswax?  Or chemical emulsifiers?  That’s not my style.  Go hard or go home.  My creams & butters are made with raw unfiltered beeswax (which still has the propolis in it) and organic non-GMO butters.  My tinctures are made with organic cane grain alcohol, also non-GMO and gluten-free!  My glycerides are made with organic non-GMO vegetable glycerine-not from soy.  Every single product has to pass MY inspection which is 100 times more strict than Certified Organic standards.  Even the water I use is distilled alkaline water.

With the mathematical recipe worked out I start blending.   Tinctures have to be steeped for 4 weeks while shaking daily, strained, strained again 24 hours later than bottled.  Glycerides are steeped for 3 weeks while being shook daily, strained, then strained again 48 hours later.  Herbal infused oils have to be steeped at 110 degrees exactly for 2-4 weeks, strained, then strained again 48 hours later.  Timing, math, taking notes, infusing with healing intentions, and the cleanest raw materials.  That’s what makes a good product.

Every product is stored in a sterile container and immediately sealed- all made dates are written in my book.  ALL tinctures and glycerides are bottled with child-resistant tops (my son once drank an entire bottle of Echinacea glyceride – hence the child-proofing).  Every bottle, jar, and tea bag is filled and sealed by me.  I design all of my own labels, print them out on my home computer on 100% recycled labels and tie them up with a jute bow.  When I do use plastic, I only use PET or HDPE plastic which has lower green house emissions to make, then glass or aluminum.  I put my all into my products, and never cut corners.  It would make me nauseous to think that one of my products/bottles/raw material is harming the environment so I take out that risk.  Even my plastic tea bags are really just vegetable cellulose bags.  Crazy??? Why yes I am.

With the cute little finished product in my hand, I can feel the warmth of the high vibrations within.  I set the new set of products on my shelf.  It might go bad before it is ever used, but I know that the next time myself, my family, or you need a chemical-free, non-GMO, organic fresh herbal remedy-it will be waiting.   

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4 thoughts on “The Loving & Intricate Process

  1. I am impressed with the way you create your products. I hope to visit your shop soon. I trust that you have everything that you have done written down for your son or who ever will follow you. It appears that all that you have done in too important not in leave behind so that mankind can be Blessed.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words:)

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at the FNPS workshop & and thank you for sharing you knowledge and expertise. I look forward to joining a ranch walk or tour with you in the future.

  3. Your process sounds like how I make Kombucha(and cook food), I have so much respect for understanding that it basically is a part of you and how much love you put in truly reflects later when someone enjoys the product. Keep on doing what you do and prosperity will be guaranteed:)

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