Herbal Body Care

These products are staple daily products with a natural and healing angle.

Soaps :: Cold-process, herbally infused, organic oils, true essential oil scent.  These are not decorative soaps.. they are healing soaps!

Body Powder :: TALC FREE!

Deodorant :: Trust me.  It works.

Bug Spray :: Zika who?  Florida native [insect repelling] plants infused and blended with pure essential oils.

Herbal First Aid Kit :: Awesome take-along first aid kit including- Black Willow Tincture, Anti-histamine Tincture, Seminole Black Drawing Salve, Comfrey Poultice, Yarrow Powder, Wound Care Stick, Herbal First Aid Kit instructions, folded up in large organic natural cotton cloth and tied with a long heavy duty jute rope.

Candles :: more for the mind than the body… but you can’t have one without the other!