Anxiety Relief Tea

$ 8.00

Lemony blend of anxiety and stress relieving herbs.


Let the Earth soothe your spirit and calm your nerves.

Crisp blend of organic homegrown mildly sedating herbs to calm the nerves, loosen the chest, and slow the mind. Wonderful hot or chilled.  Anxiety Relief Tea is calming just enough to let the stress dissipate with each sip, without causing drowsiness.

Organic homegrown:  Skullcap, Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass, Passionflower, Lemon Verbena.

Medicinal Actions: nervine, sedative, anti-spasomodic, hypnotic, anodyne, alterative, carminative, anti-depressive, diaphoretic, hypotensive.

Directions:  Pour 4 cups (approximately a teapot) of boiling water over ONE teabag and steep covered for 10 minutes.  REMOVE teabag after 10 minutes (to avoid bitter tea!).  Consume warm or chilled.  Count your gratitudes with each sip.

Herbal medicine is not evaluated by the FDA (they would rather give you addictive narcotics for anxiety).  Safe for general use, children and pregnancy can drink diluted tea safely.


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