Bacopa (Water Hyssop) Tinctue

$ 20.00

Improve mental function and memory.


I do grow Ginkgo, but it is called the “ancestor tree” for a very good reason – it won’t be a full tree until I have grandchildren.  Yeah…. So when I found out that we have Florida naturalized Water Hyssop growing around us I was excited.  Water Hyssop is used in the same fashion as Ginkgo- for brain stimulation and retention.  It is highly effective and has countless studies to back it up.  It is effective for various memory disorders including ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers, and aging.  View its full plant profile here.  Water Hyssop is so valuable as a memory enhancer, that it is the main ingredient in the new trending “Limitless Drug” after the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless.

Medicinal actions: anti-convulsant, anti-spasomodic, tonic, anti-anxiety, cognitive enhancement.

For general memory enhancement, ADD, ADHD: Dilute 2 droppersful in a small amount of water or tea and consume morning and night.

Must consume daily for noticeable effects.

Not intended for pregnancy or children due to alcohol content.  Otherwise, safe for general extended consumption with no side effects.  Not evaluated or approved by the FDA.


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