Clean Bug Spray

$ 15.00

Chemical and guilt free, herbally infused, clean bug spray for the entire family.


Safe and highly effective bug spray for the entire family.

Deeply infused with bug-repelling plants, the Clean Bug Spray is completely effective (and safe!!) for the entire family.  Perfectly paired with the Natural Citronella Candle!

Florida has multiple insect-repelling native plants, why not use them as a defense against our Florida local bugs!  Simple blend of herbally infused Witch Hazel and potent essential oils, this bug spray is completely chemical, preservative, and synthetic fragrance free.  100% organic wild-harvested and homegrown plants, witch hazel and essential oils making this Clean Bug Spray practically drinkable.  (PLEASE DONT DRINK IT!)  Gentle yet effective for all ages.  Shake vigorously before applying heavily on skin.  Reapply as needed to repel all biting insects including noseums!

Organic wild-harvested:  Beauty Berry, Lantana, Pennyroyal.  Organic homegrown:  Lemongrass, Geranium.  Organic Non-GMO:  Witch Hazel, Grain Cane Alcohol, essential oils.

Not evaluated or approved by the FDA (they prefer to approve DEET).  Flush with water if it gets in your eyes, nose, or mouth.



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