Customizable Herbal Gift Sets

Looking for that perfect gift for your crunchy friend? Look no further! Totally customizable to fit everyones needs.


Buy Local This Season!

Looking for that perfect gift for your crunchy friend?  Look no further!  Totally customizable to fit everyone’s needs.

Products are combined in a reusable pine crate basket, surrounded by eco-friendly wood shavings.

Prices are at a 15% discount of the entire product order!  After we create your personal gift, an invoice will be emailed to you when the product goes out.  Shipping is $10 for overnight and can be sent to you or the friend receiving the gift.

Send an email to me at (or call me at 772-418-2200) and together we will create a beautiful gift and you will feel good supporting your local community!   And no worries, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for products for your graceful grandma or your husband with eczema.

Don’t forget to also check out the Herbal First Aid Kit!


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