Echinacea Glyceride *Alcohol Free*

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Echinacea Glyceride *Alcohol Free* is an immune stimulant for treating the early phases of bacterial or viral infection, speeds resolution of colds, flu, and upper respiratory infection.


Ahhhhhhh Echinacea. So gorgeous, and totally native to Florida. This is my girl, and you can tell by the gazillions of pictures I take of her! Definitely a staple in my kitchen, Echinacea Glycerideย *Alcohol Free* can be used as an infection preventative and can be taken during illness. Echinacea is an “immune stimulant that increases overall resistance to disease. Useful in treating the early phases of bacterial or viral infection, Echinacea speeds resolution of colds, flu, and all kinds of upper respiratory infection. The herb makes an anti-inflammatory treatment for infected wounds and insect bites” – Richo Cech “Making Plant Medicine”. Couldn’t have said it better. Echinacea is a large genus of plants, all with varying medicinal potency. The most potent Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower, happens to be our Florida native! Three year old Echinacea purpurea roots and areal parts are what is in this remedy. I macerate them fresh (dried Echinacea has an extremely short medicinal life) in Organic Non-gmo vegetable glycerineย and shake it daily for a period of 5 weeks. What you get when you buy this product is the highest potency, most loved medicinal Echinacea out there.

Medicinal Actions: Anti-microbial, alterative, anti-inflammatory.
Organic Homegrown: Echinacea purpurea. Organic non-gmo vegetable glycerine.

Directions: In immune compromising situation, dilute 2 dropperful in a small amount of water or tea. Consume 3 times/day.

With active infection: Dilute 4 droppersful in a small amount of water or tea and consume 5-6 times/day.

For children & pregnancy, halve dose above- same frequency.

*Alcohol Free*

For potent Echinacea Tincture click here.

Safe for general consumption, not evaluated by the FDA.


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