Elderberry Syrup (glyceride) – Herbal antibiotic

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Wild harvested Florida native Elderberry, macerated in Organic Non-GMO vegetable glycerine for a non-alcohol, safe for all, antibiotic alternative.


Elderberries are the “in” thing for crunchy mamas this year!  Luckily for us, it is found growing around us in copious amounts!  Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is the superior medicinal species of the Elders, and is both native and introduced to Florida (???)- whatever the USDA decides to classify it as, it sure enjoys Florida’s ecosystem!

Black Elderberries are extremely anti-viral and anti-catarrhal.  They contain tannins, depurative (diaphoretic), diuretics, and laxatives.  Anti-viral and anti-catarrhal is the key in this case- for treating a viral infection!

It is a common misconception that if you are getting sick frequently, use elderberry.  I would encourage the use of elderberry to be limited to only when sick, as large amounts of elderberry will induce vomiting, produce a skin irritation (caused by an excess of cyanide being pushed out through the skin! I have seen it happen!), diarrhea, or in the least a tolerance build of this wonderful medicinal.  Instead use Echinacea to boost your immune system, so the body can fight off infection naturally.  

When used as recommended, Elderberry syrup is completely safe and will help in numerous ways.  The glyceride preparation makes this remedy safe for all ages, but administer at your own risk, and if it is being consumed by one who is pregnant or a child, it is recommended to halve the dose.

euFLoria healing‘s elderberry is superior to “box” homeopathic companies for a variety of reasons.  The main reason is that a true Elderberry Syrup has a shelf life of 6 months!  My elderberries are freshly harvested, mathematically prepared, and NO additional chemicals are used to extend the shelf life!

Ingredients:  Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), Organic Non-GMO vegetable glycerine.

Use as directed and at your own caution.  Halve doses for pregnancy and children.

Not evaluated or approved by the FDA.


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