Fully Conscious Tea

$ 8.00

Fully Conscious Tea :: A strong blend of caffeinated and stimulating herbs to get your day started without synthetic chemicals.


In a world of fast paced energy and immediate results we have a desire to keep up.  Energy drinks are full of sugar and chemicals, which do nothing for our spiritual souls.  I made the perfect replacement.  I was one of those daily 5hour energy addicts.  I had become dependent on it to function.  This tea is a perfect blend of strong caffeine (Florida native Yaupon Holly) and an adaptogen (Holy Basil).  I was able to transfer over to Fully Conscious Tea without headaches or energy drop.

Pour 4 cups (3 cups for stronger tea) of boiling water over 1 teabag and steep for 10 minutes.  Consume hot or cold before 2pm.  Highly caffeinated, highly energizing!

I steep my tea in a thermos and stick it in the fridge.  I drink one glass every morning, in place of my old routine of a 5hour energy.  It works.  No shakes, no sweating, just pure and natural energy.

Not evaluated by the FDA, Not for pregnancy or children.

All teabags make 32oz (4 cups) of tea- they are NOT single serve! Each package contains 4 teabags and is sealed in a fully compostable package:)


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