Herbal Smoke Blend

$ 15.00

Organic, non-gmo, chemical free herbal smoke blend. Perfect for smudging, peace pipe offerings, respiratory woes, quitting cigarettes.


Completely legal, non-habit forming, safe, organic alternative to commercial products.  I have customers who use this blend for a ceremonial smudging, ones who used it to quit smoking cigarettes, my closet-smoker friend who wanted a chemical free alternative, and my customer who has pulmonary scar tissue.  Wait.  What?  Yup!  Smoking medicinal plants has been around for centuries and is an underutilized method of ingesting the healing attributes of plants – particularly for respiratory woes!  However you decide to use it, know that the plants combine to make a smooth, antimicrobial, puff.

Loose blend of Organic wild harvested: Lobelia, Rabbit Tobacco.  Organic homegrown:  Mullen, Hopi Tobacco, Marshmallow.

Note:  This herbal smoke blend will NOT produce a “high”.

Not approved or evaluated by the FDA


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