Minty Fresh Body Powder

$ 15.00

Organic, natural, chemical-free body powder. Safe enough for babies bottoms, tough enough to combat ranch boot stench! Homegrown Spearmint infused for a cooling effect.


My mother requested that I formulate a body powder that she can use every day, after she saw the current lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for having – proven ovarian cancer causer – talc in all of their powders.  Liking a good challenge I got to work.  I wanted something that would be cooling and fresh… what better than Spearmint (which is anti-microbial in itself)?!?

After harvesting fresh Spearmint, I ground it up in a coffee grinder, sifted the fine mint specks and mixed them into my au natural powder base with some Spearmint Essential Oil….  I handed out 8 cardboard tubes to friends and family and the feedback was incredible.  Everyone loved it.

This organic & natural powder is cooling and refreshing like Gold Bond… without all of those nasty chemicals.  It can be used as a foot powder, under arm powder…. heck, you could even eat it! (please don’t!) It is strong enough to combat ranch boot stench, but gentle enough for children’s bottoms.

Ingredients:  Aarowroot powder, Kaolin clay, Baking soda, Aloe Vera, organic homegrown spearmint, Essential oils.


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