Natural Citronella Candle

$ 15.00

Keep your family Zika free without the use of harmful chemicals or toxic DEET! Natural citronella candle is indoor and animal safe, all natural ingredients, soy free, with an eco-friendly wooden wick.


Keep your family Zika free!

There is way too much proof that Zika is actually linked to GMO mosquitos and/or the heavy application of glyphosate than the poor good ole’ fashioned God-created-mosquitos… but just to be on the safe side – enter Natural Citronella Candle!  Cool thing is that it really works.  Check out the pictures- in one of the many Natural Citronella Candles we went through this summer, the insects that weren’t repelled by the citronella, were attracted to the flame and fell victim to the molten puddle of hot lava (aka wax).   Between the Natural Citronella Candle and the Clean Bug Spray, we avoided being eaten alive this summer.

This candle is completely safe – sans the flame – let me rephrase.  The ingredients in this candle are completely safe.  All of my candles are made with raw local beeswax, organic Coconut wax, rainforest approved Palm wax, an eco-friendly/chemical free wooden wick (ahhhh can you hear that crackle!), and organic natural essential oils.  No soy (don’t get me started on soy!), no paraffin, no chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no lead wick.  In fact, raw local beeswax candles are PROVEN to clean the air.  Fresh medicinal herbs are placed in the candle during the cooling process, for added medicinal aromatherapy.

Due to the nature of raw, unfiltered, beeswax- candle may be cracked around the wick, but that will disappear first time you light it.  Beeswax is also highly flammable, burns quickly, and heats up (hence the need to mix it with Palm wax and Coconut wax) but it makes the tin get pretty hot.  Please put the tin on a candle safe surface!  Placed on a carpet or outdoor rug will cause the plastic material to melt!  And as always, please use basic common sense when using all candles; keep away from flammable objects, put out before you walk away, keep away from pets and children.


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