Stomach Soother Glyceride

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Potent herbal formula for soothing and healing gastrointestinal ailments.


Winter + family= heavy food.  It’s a well-known fact.  Every time I indulge in heavy food I am doubled over in gut pain.  Digestion problems, acid reflux, gas, bloating…. I feel like the Pepto Bismol commercial.  And in the past that is what I used!  But then I started to develop side effects you see because with a poor diet and stress, ulcers develop.  The bismuth from the Pepto Bismol was being absorbed into my blood stream via the open ulcers.  Ginger was the perfect solution, and it works wonders, but sometimes (like after Thanksgiving supper) I cannot fit one more drop into my stomach, rendering a tea impossible.  So I developed a “Stomach Soother Glyceride”.  It is a potent **Alcohol free** blend of organic homegrown Ginger and Licorice and organic non-GMO vegetable glycerine.  Just one dropperful BEFORE a heavy/indulgent meal and if needed one dropper post meal.  Thats it.

Organic homegrown: Ginger, Licorice.  Organic non-GMO vegetable glycerine.

Medicinal Actions:  Stimulant, carminative, rubefacient, diaphoretic, expectorant, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, laxative.

Directions:  Two droppersful (2ml)  diluted in a small amount of water or tea PRIOR to meal.  Repeat after meal if needed.  For children halve dose, same frequency.

NOT to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  If consumption is daily, eat plenty of bananas, dried apricots, and apple cider vinegar to replace potassium loss from continued use of Licorice.

For pregnancy- Pregnancy Stomach Soother Tea and Ginger Glyceride.


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