Sun Defense Moisturizer

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Sun Defense Moisturizer- the natural solution to surviving Florida’s sun. Blend of cooling, burn relieving herbs with organic oils containing natural SPFs.  Previously called Sacred Summer Skin Butter


Sun Defense Moisturizer – the natural solution to surviving Florida’s sun.

The Sun Defense Moisturizer has been around for a while, but I am just now getting around to putting it up on the website because I was sooooo busy keeping it stocked on the shelves at my shops!  It is definitely a family + customer fav.  My son loves it because it soaks right in to his skin and does not leave a greasy feeling.  I love it because it does not transfer over to my clothes, it is face safe, and it blocks the harmful rays of the sun!  Yup!  The Sacred Summer Skin Butter has a combined NATURAL SPF over 35!  So why do I market it as an “Herbal Infused After-Sun Relief” Butter?  The FDA.  I try to stay off their radar and sun blocks/sunscreens are one of their big money makers.

I combined organic, non-gmo, oils that contained a natural SPF with homegrown plants that soothe sun burn, encourage skin regeneration, and contain natural antioxidants, topped off with a tiny bit of skin-safe zinc oxide.  My family and I did not get sunburned once this summer using ONLY the Sun Defense Moisturizer.  We applied it every 3-5 hours like traditional (aka chemical laden) sunscreen, and it worked beautifully.

I developed this after I saw a Dr Oz show about the dangers of sunscreen and after much research found out that not only is a majority of the sunscreens CAUSING skin cancer, but they are toxic to coral reefs.  I realized that living in Florida- sunscreens are a necessity- but that did not mean it was a necessity to poison my son with endocrine disruptors.  This is the most expensive butter (for me) to make since I am so anal about organic/non-gmo/chemical free/rainforest approved/top shelf raw materials, but if I was in this business to be making money instead of healing, I would be working for Johnson & Johnson.    I found Sacred Summer Skin Butter to be a solution to living outside and [if applied correctly and often] I am sure you will be satisfied as well.

Organic homegrown:  Yarrow, Cleavers, Calendula.  Organic, Non-GMO:  Grapeseed oil, Wheatgerm oil, Cherry Kernel oil, Cranberry oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Virgin Coconut oil, rainforest approved Palm butter, Raspberry butter, Sunflower butter, Avocado butter, Ucuuba butter, Kokum butter, Brazil Nut butter, skin-safe Zinc, EO’s, Vitamin-E, Rosemary oil, EO’s.  Originally called Sacred Summer Skin Butter

Not evaluated or approved by the FDA.  As with all of euFLoria healing butters and salves- please refrigerate or let sit overnight before attempting to open it.  These products are 100% natural and will melt in our ridiculous summer heat during shipping!  Please please please let cool and harden before opening!

For more information on natural sunscreens and what you can eat to encourage your body to repel UV rays- see The Wellness Mama’s post here.


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