Medicinal Plant Walk :: Halpatiokee Regional Park

Yay!  Plant walk time again!  Halpatiokee Regional Park is such an awesome park with a diverse botanical selection for us to find medicinal plants!  $10/person, children welcome and free of charge.  There is no harvesting in parks, but bring a camera, pen + paper, and bottle of water.

Halpatiokee Regional Park  8303 SW Lost River Rd, Stuart, FL 34997-7202

Saturday November 19th


$10/person (pay when you get there, CC accepted)

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Morning Medicinal Meditation- Photo Journal

The wind was chilly, at least to me, a Florida girl through and through.  70 degrees warranted long yoga pants, a jacket, and tennis shoes- no barefoot gardening for me today!  I hugged my arms in, criss-crossing my jacket as I shuffled to my “spot”.  It is what I get to wake up to every morning, where I see the sun reflect its early morning glow to its late afternoon haze.  It is the bank of the river but best of all, my “spot” is hidden by a hundred year old Podocarpus tree.  The old tree provides shade to my forrest medicinals and a back rest for me when I sit in my spot.  The grass was illuminated by the reflection off the water, while I regrouped.  The morning was spent getting JW off to school and my mother off to work (she wakes up ridiculously early but is still always late getting out the door).  The stress of running two lives is forming knots up my neck.

My "spot".
My “spot”.

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