Herbal Medicine Workshop:: Kava!

Kava is highly controversial due to is effective anti-spasmodic actions, that naturally competes with big pharma.  Used correctly, it can save the day!

Join me Thursday, April 7th at 6:30 PM (yes! New day and time!!) at a Green Life Cafe and Marketplace in Jensen Beach.  $15/person.  We will look at the medicinal actions of kava, how to prepare it efficiently, the risks, and everyone will go home with their own sample of Kava.


Herbal Medicine Workshop

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th 10AM @ A GREEN LIFE CAFE AND MARKETPLACE. Come out for the Herbal Medicine Workshop where we will be diving into the medicinal actions of powerful Holy Basil. $10/person.
1309 Sunview Terr Jensen Beach, Florida 34957 (772) 232-6615

Medicinal Plant Walk

THIS SUNDAY, JANUARY 3rd, 9AM @ HALPATIOKEE REGIONAL PARK. Come join me for a Medicinal Plant Walk through one of our gorgeous Florida parks! $10/person all ages welcome- children under 10 free. Payment (including credit cards) can be taken before class. Bring your camera and a bottle of water. Halapatiokee Regional Park 8303 SW Lost River Rd. Stuart Fl 34997
We will be meeting in the parking lot near the trail head.

Holiday Bazaar

Dream Angels Metaphysical Shop in Tequesta, Florida is hosting a Holiday Bazaar December 16th 6pm-9pm.  If you will be in the area, stop by say hi to me and check out Angela’s shop!

Winter Flow Jam

Come out to the FREE event at A Green Life Cafe and Marketplace to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  I will be there enjoying like-minded people, answering questions about plants/remedies and guiding customers to appropriate herbal remedies.  Plus there will be fire spinning.  How could you NOT go?!?!

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Morning Medicinal Meditation- Photo Journal

The wind was chilly, at least to me, a Florida girl through and through.  70 degrees warranted long yoga pants, a jacket, and tennis shoes- no barefoot gardening for me today!  I hugged my arms in, criss-crossing my jacket as I shuffled to my “spot”.  It is what I get to wake up to every morning, where I see the sun reflect its early morning glow to its late afternoon haze.  It is the bank of the river but best of all, my “spot” is hidden by a hundred year old Podocarpus tree.  The old tree provides shade to my forrest medicinals and a back rest for me when I sit in my spot.  The grass was illuminated by the reflection off the water, while I regrouped.  The morning was spent getting JW off to school and my mother off to work (she wakes up ridiculously early but is still always late getting out the door).  The stress of running two lives is forming knots up my neck.

My "spot".
My “spot”.

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euFLoria healing….One Woman Wonder?????

Although I would like to have a target date for when the website is finalized and my store is ready for the world, I simply cannot give one.  I am a one woman operation; what started as a passionate hobby has now turned into a business, so I can share with you my knowledge and remedies.  My son will always come first on my priorities, but my healing garden is a close second.  The house always gets neglected and the laundry is piling up.  I have to keep my shelves stocked at OwlButterfly, what I will always use as my brick and mortar.

Checking on my babies!
Checking on my babies!

This means healing remedies are always in the works and as my business grows (eek!), so does the demand for more products.  I am working through the night to ensure my message is spread.  We are in a time of health crisis; facing antibiotic resistant illnesses and allergy rates are at an all time high.  The answer is not, of course, to continue to rely on the same companies who got us into this mess.  If we learn to respect and responsibly use Florida’s vast plant community, we can optimize our health naturally.

If you would ever like any additional information on Florida’s herbs or my products, please email me or visit The OwlButterfly.  I frequently update both my Facebook and my Instagram!