Herbal Medicine Workshop:: Kava!

Kava is highly controversial due to is effective anti-spasmodic actions, that naturally competes with big pharma.  Used correctly, it can save the day!

Join me Thursday, April 7th at 6:30 PM (yes! New day and time!!) at a Green Life Cafe and Marketplace in Jensen Beach.  $15/person.  We will look at the medicinal actions of kava, how to prepare it efficiently, the risks, and everyone will go home with their own sample of Kava.


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IMO: Essential Oils

Goodnight Moon butter was thought up as the trend of Essential Oils continues to rise.  I was told by a friend that my sons sleepless nights would be FIXED if I applied Lavender Essential Oil to the soles of his feet.  Now I do love Essential Oils, but this is completely out of control (like every new trend).  Essential Oils can sometimes be dangerous; if ingested, given to infants, misused.  For the most part they are safe, however unfortunately, they are just a small fraction of the healing capabilities of that plant! Wellness Mama has a great post on the risks and proper uses for essential oils, that I encourage all to check out. Continue reading IMO: Essential Oils